Teach West London is committed to developing professional expertise to make a difference to the lives of children. We are therefore excited to announce that we will be offering a professional and high quality Appropriate Body Service from September 2023, which we see as vital to the delivery of our vision. Our Appropriate Body service will support the induction of Early Career Teachers under statutory guidance.

We provide: 

  • High quality and timely training and guidance which meets the needs of Headteachers, Induction Tutors and ECTs. Click here for full Training & Guidance Programme. 
  • Targeted support and guidance to meet the needs of individual schools and individual ECTs.
  • An accessible, responsive and engaged service to support your needs as a school: ECTs, Induction tutors and Head Teachers can contact us by phone/email if and when they need support. 
  • Expert advice and knowledge regarding a school’s statutory obligations for ECTs, including formal complaints or challenges.
  • A concise and easy to use Induction Handbook for ECTs, Induction Tutors and Headteachers with key information to support the induction process.
  • Access to an online system (ECT Manager) that allows Headteachers, Induction Tutors and ECTs to track and record ECTs’ progress and complete statutory assessments.
  • Quality assurance of assessment forms, against the Teachers’ Standards.
  • Decisions on the outcomes of statutory induction for ECTs and submission of reports to the Teacher Regulation Agency.


£250 per ECT per year for a school following the Full Induction Programme. 

Information and pricing for school's following Core Induction or School Based Induction Programmes available on request.

How to register

If your school already has an existing ECT manager account:

Please visit the ECT Manager site and follow the instructions here. 

Please note:  To provide continuity for ECTs, in agreement with our Local Authority Appropriate Body partners, Teach West London is not expecting ECT transfers at this time. (An ECT transfer: when an ECT currently registered with an AB in Hillingdon, Ealing, Harrow or Hounslow is transferred from their current AB to a new AB).

If your school DOES NOT have an existing ECT manager account: 

Click here to Register on ECT Manager.


Do I have to register for this service?

All new ECTs are required to undertake a Statutory Induction and should be registered with an Appropriate Body of their school's choosing.

My ECTs are already registered with a local authority AB, do I need to register?

In Harrow, Hounslow, Ealing and Hillingdon, ECTs who have already started their induction will continue to be supported by their current local authority AB service provider. New ECTs commencing their induction in September 2023 will need to be registered with an alternative Appropriate Body because local authority AB services will not be taking on new ECTs from September 2023. Teach West London is the designated Teaching School Hub for the four boroughs and is partnering with the local authority teams to ensure a smooth transition.

How are my ECTs assessed?

There are two formal assessments points during the course of the 2-year induction programme. These are at the end of year 1 (term 3) and at the end of year 2 (term 6). Induction tutors also carry out a progress review at the end of terms 1, 2, 4 and 5 and provide feedback to the AB to ensure all ECTs can receive additional support where required.

Further Questions? Click here for more information about our service or email [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you further. You can also see our Quick guide to ECT induction here and our Training and Guidance Programme here.