Three children in a science class in Teach West London's Initial Teacher Training programme.

Introducing our new Initial Teacher Training programme (ITT)

Commencing from September 2024, Teach West London are offering high-quality fully immersive school-centred initial teacher training programmes for both Primary and Secondary phases. Recruitment for these programmes begins from October 2023.

Teach West London’s initial teacher training courses will provide an intellectually stimulating evidence-based programme in the context of classroom excellence. We are committed to developing professional expertise to make a difference to the lives of children.

We asked teachers in our West London schools why they would recommend initial teacher training with Teach West London. This is what they said…

Choose a programme that suits you

Teach West London offers both unsalaried and selected salaried programmes (tax free bursary & scholarships available for some secondary subjects) as well as QTS only and QTS+PGCE courses.

Choose where you teach

Unlike many other routes into teaching, by choosing to train with Teach West London you’ll be able to make an informed choice about the school or area you want to learn and work in. You'll train in our centre one day a week, and your placement school 4 days a week.
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What we offer

Expert in-      school training from day one                   


We work closely with our placement schools to make sure our trainee teachers are in school and in the classroom from the start of the academic year.

Training directly in a school allows you to really get to know your students across the course of a full year: to witness the daily triumphs, the “aha” moments, and the joy of seeing students grow academically, emotionally, and personally.        

Whilst in school, trainee teachers will learn from expert colleagues as well s having the opportunity to apply what they have a learnt from central professional learning sessions. Our professional learning sessions and subject studies programmes are designed by highly experienced and expert practitioners, who are still teaching in schools.

Structured and personalised support

At Teach West London we believe that bespoke support is vital in ensuring that our trainee teachers have a successful training year. Our trainee teachers will be supported throughout every step of their journey into becoming a qualified teacher.                                                                       

Throughout the year our trainee teachers will spend 4 days a week in school and 1 day a week training with Teach West London. The training will be based on Teach West London’s ITT curriculum. Trainees who have opted to take the PGCE will be taught by ITT specialists from St Mary’s University for a total of 5 days during the foundation and development phase.  

Varied, first-hand experience Our trainee teachers will complete 2 teaching placements. The first will be the main placement, where a trainee will be based for most of the year and another shorter, second placement, which will be in a contrasting school. If an applicant is shortlisted for a selection day, then they will be able to express their interest for the schools that they would like to be placed in for their main placement. Trainee teachers will also visit other schools, especially through our intensive training and practice placements.
Continuous learning and career progression

Our support doesn’t end once you’ve completed your initial training – you’ll continue to benefit from ongoing professional development for Early Careers Teachers (ECT), National Professional Qualifications (NPQs), and other professional learning support beyond your first year. Being connected to a high concentration of partner schools in London also provides excellent opportunities for career progression, so you can continue to learn and step up into a wide variety of roles in school.

Based in vibrant West London Training to teach in a school in West London can be a uniquely rewarding experience. You’ll have the opportunity to teach in a diverse and enriching area, working with other talented and driven teachers, and with access to an abundance of quality professional development opportunities and events.


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Initial Teacher Training Policy

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