It’s great news that you’re interested in applying to train to teach with Teach West London – an excellent decision!

But what happens next? We’ll guide you through the key steps to submit your application to train and teach with us.

How to apply for your Initial Teacher Training (ITT) course with Teach West London

Step 1 – Contact our team at Teach West London

If you would like some information about Teach West London’s ITT provision or need some help or guidance about completing your application form, please contact our friendly Teach West London team:

If you already have all the information you need and are ready to submit your application, then go to Step 4.

Step 2 – Join one of our events to find out more about teaching with us

Visit our Teach West London Events pages to find out about any events that we’re running. The events available will vary at different points in the year, but will include information on how to apply.

If you attend one of our events and are then ready to submit your application, then go to Step 4.

Step 3 – Explore the range of teaching courses we have available

There are a wide variety of subjects and phases you can teach, through fee-funded (unsalaried) or salaried routes (employment based).

In the table below, you can find a full list of the courses we have available with links to the official course pages on the DfE Find website (Department for Education) and their unique course codes (which you need to include in your application).

Once you have chosen the course/s that you want to apply for, you can click the ‘Apply for this course’ button at the bottom of the web page, which will enable you to begin your application.

Step 4 – Apply for your course with Teach West London

To submit your application directly, (without following Step 3), you will need to create an account on DfE Apply. Teach West London’s provider code is 1KV. Our unique course codes can be found in the table below.

The application form will ask for the following information:

  • Personal details
  • Choice of ITT provider (Teach West London)
  • Qualification and content of undergraduate degree
  • School, college, and university education
  • Employment history (where applicable)
  • Special needs or support requirements
  • Personal statement
  • Contact details of referees

Applicants who have international qualifications for their GCSEs or undergraduate degree will be required to submit their statement of comparability for equivalence. Such applicants are advised to contact UK ENIC prior to submitting their application.

Initial teacher training courses available from Teach West London

Following Step 3 – explore the ITT courses that you’re interested in from the table below to find out more:

PRIMARY COURSES QTS & PGCE QTS only QTS & PGCE             QTS only              
Primary 5-11 R068 L407 K764 F567
Primary SEN/D specialism B903 B667 Y293 S654
Secondary Art D681 G337 n/a n/a
Secondary Business Studies X363 K263 n/a n/a
Secondary Computing W912 J064 Q094 A200
Secondary Drama V154 F015 X218 W137
Secondary English S142 Q257 A859 D634
Secondary Geography Z486 J602 W692 D840
Secondary History S299 P623 n/a n/a
Secondary Maths Q883 C200 M479 A329
Secondary MFL - French J326 L110 F183 V825
Secondary MFL - German S753 E722 n/a n/a
Secondary MFL - Spanish V039 W433 K975 J881
Secondary Music V746 U554 n/a n/a
Secondary PE M502 F516 N766 V071
Secondary PE + Ebacc Q359 T410 n/a n/a
Secondary Religious Education J415 L976 K373 L227
Secondary Science - Biology P050 S176 E798 E298
Secondary Science - Chemistry Z663 Y465 Q306 T432
Secondary Science - Physics X317 L177 Z616 A014
Secondary Social Science - Psychology U644 A824 n/a n/a
Secondary Social Science - Sociology P158 M430 n/a n/a


Please review the Selection Process and Funding page for further information.